What We're Hoping To Do

After 18’s

At age 18, if the youth chooses further education, they may remain living in the Home until graduation. Unfortunately, many choose to accept their ‘freedom’ from institutional life. Some do find work and become able to support themselves, but the vast majority are unprepared for life on their own. The future for these young adults is quite grim – a life of crime, drug use, incarceration, homelessness.

Our hope is to teach job and life skills, plus connect them with mentors from their communities who
would foster their independence.

Monthly Meetups

Monthly Meetups are regular meetings with children’s homes interested in learning more about christian life.

Modeled as a youth-group meeting, the orphans would play games, continue to develop relationships with staff and volunteers, and participate in a devotional time that communicates God’s power to change an orphan’s future.

Vocational Training

Vocational training of different facets will be taught to the older orphans as they prepare to make choices regarding their future.

We would like to include men and women from local churches who would help the orphans develop their skills, as well as be role models and show God’s love for them.