It has been a busy three months! Hand of Hope hosted a weekend camp in June and four week-long summer camps at Immanuel Conference Center in the Czech Republic. The weekend camp, in early June, was run by Asuza Pacific University for the Holice Children’s Home. This is the sixth year APU has served with us. Their heart to travel almost 10,000 kilometers from home has provided incredible encouragement to both the children from several Homes and Hand of Hope.

In July, the first of three Exodus teams directed a camp involving the Senožaty Children’s Home. It was a great camp as the team was well prepared and demonstrated Christ’s heart each day of the camp. In August two more Exodus teams made the trip from Northern Ireland. The first camp had over fifty children from the Klánovice Children’s Home. This was a challenging camp for several reasons, but the six young people on the Exodus team and two interns, also from Northern Ireland, were equal to the challenge.

The second camp involved two Children’s Homes, Tišnov and Jemnice. The camp was full of activities and games that all campers enjoyed. The Exodus team offered a solid program throughout the week and several members offered their testimonies. The children were especially attentive during these talks. The last camp in August was presented by two families, and their friends from Northern Ireland. For some, this was their first trip to the Czech Republic. For others, they have made the trip several times to serve the children. At this camp there were children from two Homes: Rovečné and Brno.


Hand of Hope would like to thank the teams and local volunteers who continue to support this ministry as they serve the children living in Homes in the Czech Republic. Without them the children would not hear nor understand the power that the Gospel offers.